The favorable Mediterranean climate of Greece as well as the local fertile lands provide a wide variety of essential oil plant types that have unique properties.  The large scale production ranging from the Mediterranean Thessaloniki to the high mountain regions of northwestern Greece provides a unique opportunity for the company to take advantage of the ideal conditions for the cultivation of essential oil plant types. The combination of ideal soil, climate conditions and high mountainous pure nature creates conditions similar to the natural habitat of this plant culture. The area has proved to be ecologically clean – in a radius of 50 km there isn’t any industrial enterprise. As we do not rely only on this favorable geographic location, we very thoroughly implement good agricultural practices for growing the best lavender high yield plant varieties in the country without pesticides or unnecessary chemical additives.

For a more efficient cultivation of the land and for acquiring higher yields and higher quality essential oils, the company is constantly investing in the latest agricultural equipment specially made for growing essential oil plants and cultivating the land – cultivators, fertilizer delivery systems, cutting decks, planting machines, own machinery and increasing the qualifications of the whole team. The primary goal is – organically grown plants.

In our agricultural activities focused on planting, maintaining and processing plantations of essential oil crops we are guided by actions aimed at:

  • Preserving the fertility of the land and its organic ability to nourish essential oil plants.
  • Refraining from activities leading to contamination of the soil and the environment.
  • Not using genetically modified products and ionizing substances.
  • Fair and honest treatment of people working in the fields.