Alpha Lavender’s main goal is to come up with a high quality final product. 

Our Mission

In order to achieve our goal we have carefully selected and strictly control all the elements which play a role in the production of high quality essential oils.

The ideology of the company is to support the potential of the existing human resources and to encourage their development.
Based on one of the less-favored regions of Greece, the company has undertaken the social responsibility to create a stable working environment that contributes to the sustainability of the company.

An important aspect of our policy is the creation of jobs and the development of highly qualified personnel. These determine the development of the company, which is based both on building a long-term strategy and the personal liability of employees, their personal commitment, loyalty and integrity.

An important goal of the company is to unite the efforts of many small farmers and producers in controlling and standardizing production and distillation, so that the products can meet all the requirements of the global markets. Alpha Lavender aims to promote lavender production in the country and to establish respect toward today’s growing of essential oil crops. The company aims to establish the Greek lavender oil in world markets and works hard toward this goal by constantly modernizing its production and obtaining quality certification in accordance with all the European and international requirements and standards.

The development and implementation of new production lines is part of the company policy. The aim is to diversify its product range in order to meet the customers’ needs and the market requirements for high quality products.
Alpha Lavender.

Alpha Lavender