The harvesting of the lavender flowers is the most labor-intensive activity using up to 70% of all the labor expended in lavender growing. ALH is specialized equipment for mechanized mowing and gathering of lavender and other essential oil crops. It performs fast and quality gathering, which allows for storage without loss of aromatic substances in the essential oil plant.

The drive is hydraulic with adjustment of the main functions for choice of operating regime.

The mowing is performed by one header side-mounted to the base machine, such header lifting the stalks having fallen sideways and holding them up in small sheaves until they are cut. A band transporter follows from the header to the shed transportation platform. ALH  is mountable to all tractor models with power of over 30 horse powers and loadability of the shed system of over 1,500 kg.

  1. Productivity: 2-2.5 decares / day
  2. Tractor movement speed: 4-5 km/h
  3. Mowing height: min 100 mm – max 1,000 mm
  4. ALH mows spacings with a range of 600-800 mm and from 1,200 to 1,600 mm.

An optimum option for gathering lavender plantations by mowing is for the distance between the plants in the row to be from 30 to 35 cm; distance between the rows of 1.4 cm.

The goal is to obtain a row with uniform and homogeneous density

Header set adjustment of the distance between the gatherers 

  • Maximum opening of the header: 780 mm
  • Minimum opening of the header: 300 mm
  • Inclination of the header arms: 0-30 degrees
  • Transverse inclination of the whole header: +/- 10 degrees
  • Shear type cutting – moving cutter and stationary counter cutter
  • Joystick for controlling an electromagnetic distributor for positioning the mowing height
  • Feeding speed controller: controls plant feeding depending on tractor movement speed
  • Hydraulic system pressure adjustment – maximum operating pressure of 120 bar
  • Hydraulic motor propelling the cutting apparatus
  • Drive – hydraulic – operating pressure of 100-120 bar

the drive is from the tractor PTO (power take-off) at 500 revolutions / minute with a cardan joint, which propels a multiplicator, coupled with the hydraulic pumps

  • Transporter: 2,000 mm
  • Width: 400 mm
  • Shed transportation platform

Requirements to the base machine

  • ALH allows mounting to all tractor models with power of over 30 horse powers and loadability of the shed system of over 1,500 kg
  • ALH is attached to the tractor shed system. Mounting is uniform for all tractor models [via] three-point suspension to the shed system
  • The shed system must have loadability of over one ton
  • The tractor must be over 30-35 horse powers, with total weight of over 1,500 kg
  • PTO of minimum 500 revolutions / minute
  • Power supply from the base machine: 12-24 V