The distillery, which is located right next to the plantations, guarantees the preservation of the valuable properties of the essential oil crops.

The acquired, thorough and detailed technological experience and expertise, combined with a long tradition in the production of essential oils are used and optimized thanks to the automation system with which the distillery of the company is equipped. The modern facility has a fully automated technological process which is precisely monitored by strict and qualified technologists.

Depending on the type of raw material for processing, the available technological equipment of the company allows for the production of essential oils and scented water by water, water-and-steam, and steam distillation.

The manufactured natural aromatic products have a guaranteed consistent quality which meets the international requirements and standards.

One of the priorities in the production sphere is the efficient use of energy resources and the protection of the environment. The automation of the technological process allows for optimization leading to improved energy efficiency and reduced production costs. The production cycle is completely waste-free – waste plant materials are dried, processed and turned into ecologically clean energy.

The production capacities for raw materials are high and can meet the needs of both the company and its manufacturing partners.