It is obtained by extraction with non-polar solvent of fresh lavender inflorescences which are 40-80% in bloom.  It is a yellow-green to dark-green or greenish-brown vaseline like compound, which contains no less than 65% absolutes. It has the rich aroma characteristic of lavender inflorescences which lasts long. Besides the essential oil components, it is composed of paraffinic hydrocarbons, vegetable waxes, chlorophyll, fatty acids, ursolic acid and epiursolic acids, etc. It is used mainly in cosmetics and for the production of absolutes.


It is obtained from lavender concrete. It is a yellow-green to dark-green, clear viscous liquid with a typical lavender smell. It contains 30% -50% esters (such as linalyl acetate) and is completely soluble in ethanol. It is composed of the essential oil elements but with a reduced amount of hydrocarbons, cineol, colorants and the components of concrete soluble in ethanol. It is used in cosmetics and perfumery.